Our Vision

Cinegrafix is an innovative art display platform, where the most exciting contemporary digital artists are able to showcase and sell their art. Making art more accessible via our app, embellishing all kinds of living spaces with our elegant, handcrafted tech frames and focusing on promoting the best contemporary artworks and classic masterpieces, Cinegrafix aims to gather people together to create community through art.


for Cinegrafix - Display screens

  • Young Woman with Ibis
  • Woman at her Toilet
  • Window
  • Vijandelijke golven naderen de moderne prins Genji
  • Val van de verdoemden
  • Two little maids in China
  • Tribute to M2
  • Thin
  • The Parrot Cage
  • The Dance Class

  • Walker in Moskow
  • View of The Hague from the Delftse Vaart in the Seventeenth Century
  • The Painter's Studio
  • The Merry Family
  • The Glass of Wine
  • The Accommodations of Desire
  • Still Life with Cheese
  • Still Life
  • Stage Fort across Gloucester Harbor

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