Our exceptional Cinegrafix – Display Tech Frames define the house an art lover should

live in and secure an inspirational work environment.

Specially suited to your living spaces, our Cinegrafix – Display services

correspond to your own individual needs and expectations, while state of the art

technology meets the most stylish, handcrafted frames.

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Computer with LED – Panel

Available Sizes: 21, 27, 32, 42, 47, 55 and 65 inches

Full-HD Resolution (1920*1080p)

Contrast-Ratio: 5000:1

Brightness: 300cd/m

Processor: Quad-core ARM Cortex 1,2 GHz

Storage: 16 GB

Inputs: two USBs 2.0, so as to upload your own Art Collection

Connectivity: WiFi (3G), via a hidden antenna

Remote Control, to download and control your Collection

Pre-installed “Cinegrafix” App, connected to your Art Server

Special mounts, in order to easily switch from Landscape to Portrait mode





Select now your personalized frame, matching your own ambiance and surroundings.

You may choose from several size, color, material and mount options.

Get the most of our highly qualified craftsman’s artistry,

enjoying quick, safe delivery and worldwide shipping.

Let’s install your digital visions.
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