Adriaen van OstadeThe Painter’s Studio

The Painter’s Studio

This painter is hardly rich: his workshop is located in an old, dark building. His artistic ambitions are not high, for on the easel is a modest landscape. Nevertheless, he has two apprentices. Van Ostade is here poking gentle fun at his own specialization. He did not portray his own studio, but invented the workshop of an ordinary painter who could have painted all of his (Van Ostade’s) peasant scenes.


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Adriaen van Ostade, 1610 –1685, was a Dutch Golden Age painter of genre works. According to Houbraken, he and his brother were pupils of Frans Hals and like him, spent most of their lives in Haarlem. He thought they were "Lubekkers" by birth, though this has since found to be false. He was the eldest son of Jan Hendricx Ostade, a weaver from the town of Ostade near Eindhoven. Although Adriaen and his brother Isaack were born in Haarlem, they adopted the name "van Ostade" as painters. According to the RKD, he became a pupil in 1627 of the portrait painter Frans Hals, at that time the master of Jan Miense Molenaer. In 1632 he is registered in Utrecht (where, like Jacob Duck, he was probably influenced by the village scenes of Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot, which were popular in his day), but in 1634 he was back in Haarlem where he joined the Haarlem Guild of St. Luke.