Thomas SeherLake


It is a scene made for a photograph, though it gains life through retaining the movement of time. The mountains and sky frame the people enjoying their time on a boat. The choppy water and passing birds capture more emotion than a still image could and presents a fuller, richer story because of it.

Year: 2014

Price: €50   Digital Edition: 150

Thomas Seher is a composer and musician for film and theater. A few years ago he discovered the art of cinemagraphs and since then has been exploring the boundary between photography and film. His works decelerated movements open up a new perspective and invite observing changes. The motives are scenes, either real or staged, which gain a special artistic moment through they way the images are digitally processed. The continuous playback on the digital canvas provokes the impression of a smooth, ongoing movement. There is no cut, no change of perspective or camera panning - this is what makes it so captivating.