Thomas SeherAbandoned Sofa

Abandoned Sofa

Rich with details from textures, colors, and light, the bright couch offers snugness. Whether overwhelmed by the range of colors, uncomfortable from the decay, or captivated by the expanse of organic life, the couch offers not only a focal point but also a means of security in a dynamic and changing world.

Price: €10   Digital Edition: 300

Thomas Seher is a composer and musician for film and theater. A few years ago he discovered the art of cinemagraphs and since then has been exploring the boundary between photography and film. His works decelerated movements open up a new perspective and invite observing changes. The motives are scenes, either real or staged, which gain a special artistic moment through they way the images are digitally processed. The continuous playback on the digital canvas provokes the impression of a smooth, ongoing movement. There is no cut, no change of perspective or camera panning - this is what makes it so captivating.