– What is Cinegrafix about?

Our main goal is to build up a Community platform, which offers art both for free and for selling.

– Should I submit only original digital work that will be available exclusively through your platform?

All works being sold in Cinegrafix, as part of an edition, these are all original, exclusive items. Artworks distributed for free are not considered to be exclusive.

– What kind of artwork do you want to sell?

Apart from original digital artworks (Video Art, Photographs, Internet Art, Generative – i.e. Processing – Art, Illustrations and, in the near future, 360, Web, Database and Interactive works as well), we also focus on digital reproductions of other mediums, such as Paintings, Photography Prints, Illustrations, Sculpture, Installations and Graffiti Art.

– I want to get involved but I’m already represented by a gallery. What can I do?

Cinegrafix can further promote works already shown through a gallery, showcasing small excerpts of Video Art or stills, as well as digital reproductions and exhibition photographs.

– Who are your Clients?

Our Clients are collectors. They collect Art (Videos, Photographs or digital reproductions of other media) in limited editions, in HD format, and screen these at their house, office etc.

– What are your pricing models?

In regards to sales, we use a dynamic pricing model, i.e. the value of your work increases as more people get to buy it.

Example Models:
1. Digital edition of 10, at the starting price of 30€. Net revenues: 495€.
2. Digital edition of 50, at the starting price of 12€. Net revenues: 980€.
3. Digital edition of 100, at the starting price of 5€. Net revenues: 1280€.

– What sort of revenue sharing would apply to works submitted?

Artists receive a 65% share of all net revenues (i.e. sales, rentals etc.) and Cinegrafix a 35%.

– Who owns the copyright of my works?

You keep, of course, the right of your artwork but, in case of videos, it´s important that all videos sold through Cinegrafix are not published elsewhere in HD (1920+1080). So, Cinegrafix holds the exclusive right to sell them in HD.

Users may watch these works on our Digital Canvas, as well as through all connected devices via our App, but are not able to share or print them, so as to best protect your intellectual property.

– Should I reformat my artwork before submitting it?

All art submitted should have a 16:9 or 9:16 ratio and a length of at least 30”. You may find more info here: http://cinegrafix.eu/support/

– Sound is a pretty essential element of my Video Art. Does Cinegrafix support audio?

Yes, Cinegrafix does support sound files.