Are you ready to Submit your Artworks?

We can’t wait! Please, have a look at our tech specifications first, so as to make sure everything works out just right!

Technical Requirements


For screening Artworks via our App and the Cinegrafix Frames, there has to

be a ratio of 16:9 (Landscape mode) or 9:16 (Portrait mode). If you already

have Photographs, GIFS or Illustrations in another format, please, edit them

into the appropriate one before sending your files.

Video Art

Size: up to 1000 MB (1 GB)

Resolution: 1920 *1080 (Full HD), mp4, mov, Codec-Typ: H.264

The Videos will be looped seamlessly by our integrated VideoPlayer.


File Format: JPG or PNG, up to 30 MB

Size: at least 3000 pixels


Size: up to 30 MB.

In case of Cinemagraphs: Quality depends on colors. If you use illustrations

with a few colors, than there won´t be any kind of problem, but if you make

Cinemagraphs out of movies, resolution will be low, for the GIF file format has

a restriction of just 256 colors. In that case, you may render a Video from the

source material, with resolution of 1920*1080 (Full HD) and create a loop, with

lenght between 30 Seconds and 3 Minutes. Our Software will loop it


Additional Material

Artwork description: max. 1000 characters

Biography: max. 1000 characters

Profile Image: JPG or PNG (400*400 pixels)

Please send the Links to We will get in touch with you

when uploading is completed, or if there are any further questions.

The works are distributed exclusively through Cinegrafix platform and Apps.

Art lovers are able to watch them on screens and connected devices.



In regards to sales, we use a dynamic pricing model, i.e. the value of your work increases as more people get to buy it.

Example Models

  • Digital edition of 10, at the starting price of 30€. Net revenues: 495€.

  • Digital edition of 50, at the starting price of 12€. Net revenues: 980€.

  •   Digital edition of 100, at the starting price of 5€. Net revenues: 1280€.

Artists receive a 65% share of all net revenues (i.e. sales, rentals etc.) and Cinegrafix a 35%.